Martial Arts Training can become a very costly proposition, quickly draining your resources if you are not careful. So, how can I suggest that you can spend less money through this form of warrior training?

In order to understanding the answer to this question, let’s first examine its key benefits.

Consistent and properly executed martial arts training is fun, exciting and a rewarding way to get fit and stay fit. This form of training can increase your current fitness level. It can help to instill discipline in your life. And often helps to calm your mind, body and spirit, thus teaching you ways to control stress and anxiety. It aids you in developing patience.

By increasing your fitness level, you are less likely to get sick and when you are sick you will generally recover faster, thus saving money on days missed at work, doctor visits and medicine. The discipline instilled in a martial artist becomes is a very import trait, that can be used to help you continue to spend less money in all aspects of your life.

Reducing stress and Anxiety levels helps you make better decisions. The management of stress & anxiety, along with increasing your patience will aid you in spending less money throughout your entire life.

We have examined how this type of warrior training can help you spend less money. Let’s now shift our focus to spending less money on the training itself. Instruction and Equipment are the two main areas that can send your budget out of control.

The money spent on instruction and equipment can quickly overtax even the most frugal of budgets, so let’s examine how to spend less money in these two critical areas of expense.

Martial instruction from a quality teacher is very important to the understanding and advancement of your art. Yet, at the same time, this instruction can hinder your goal of spending less money on your training.

So, how can we reduce the cost of this required instruction, thus benefiting from the positives that martial arts training will have on our lives and budget?

Applying a few simple concepts and using your B.A.M. (Brains Attitude Motivation) to decide what is best for your budget. You will be on the road to spending less money on your martial instruction.

    1. Compare tuition between schools, but don’t decide on price alone.
    1. Don’t lock yourself into a commitment, stay month to month or pay as you go. This can help you stay flexible, giving you the ability to change as your budget changes.
    1. Pay in advance; this may reduce your overall cost, if you have the resources available.
    1. Sign a contract, but read it carefully, ensuring you will save money and this is a place you intend on training at for the duration of the contract.
    1. Attend seminars, not only can this supplement your downtime. It can be a productive and cost reducing way to begin your warrior training journey.
    1. Use training and instructional videos (DVD’s) at home to supplement your training.
  1. Train in the park, at the beach or in the woods. Nature always provides a free dojo.

Martial arts equipment should be an intricate part of your warrior journey. At the same time it can be the most costly part. There are several ways that you can reduce the cost of equipment and thus spend less money on your training.

    1. Shop around, comparing prices. If your local shops are overpriced than shop online. Watch for local equipment sales and avoid online shipping cost.
    1. Buy used training equipment from classified ads, bulletin boards, thrift stores, yard sales, and online auctions. I have found some of my best equipment at yard sales and thrift stores.
    1. Make your own equipment. Some of the best memories I have are training with buckets filled with sand or water. Use your environment; walls, chairs, stairs, trees, rocks, etc, they can all be used as your training equipment.
  1. Rent training or instructional DVD’s versus buying them. Find other martial artist and exchange training DVD’s with them

Well, there you have it; we have covered different solutions that should help you drastically reduce the cost of your martial arts training. Remember with a little (B.A.M) you to can keep a few extra dollars in your pocket, while still benefiting from the warrior journey.

Trent ‘Kuma’ Warner is creator of the Martial Art Hall of Warrior Training, which strives to supply the information, resources and knowledge required to enhance your street combat self defense martial arts warrior training Journey.